Module 10:Technological Innovation: (Invention of Radio)

Technological transformations in the media are intensely interconnected to social revolutionize. Modern modification within the communications technologies have been equivalent by social tendency such as commercialisation, globalisation, and individualisation. According to the Maclaurin, & Harman, (1949) to make an effective change process in the social procedure several technological innovations were presented by different scientists. Some… Continue reading Module 10:Technological Innovation: (Invention of Radio)

Module: 3 Cloud Analogy: Online Education, Offline Station

The question is not whether one can learn online, one can learn anywhere. The argument here concerns the attributes of higher education. Such education is perceived as an undertaking of the privileged, the elite. Those who are to become the leaders of industry, the heads of politics and governance, those who will be the ones… Continue reading Module: 3 Cloud Analogy: Online Education, Offline Station

Module: 2‘Terms of Service’ Reflection

      When I signed up for home service my internet provider gave me a 27 page booklet outlining their Terms of Service (ToS). This was far more information than I received about how to set up my new router or any other technical information also provided. Formatted in a question/response style, it described limitations of… Continue reading Module: 2‘Terms of Service’ Reflection