Module 7: Duolingo

There are many ways one can learn new languages. Among the many ways of learning a new language the two main variations are learning by human interaction and using language learning platform. Duolingo is also a learning using platform that is a relatively new concept that has arisen in the recent years. The platform requires to register the user first and in this way, the activities of the user are stored.


Life Changes When You Find Duolingo

There are several benefits to the learning by Duolingo platform which is more easily accessible option for language learning. The platform is often the preferred option of learning languages after the development of the technology. This has many reasons which make the platform supported learning beneficial. The platform uses a graphical learning method which is not dependent on any other language like the other modes of language learning and therefore can be applicable to people from all languages.

This platform is based on the visual learning method that is the basis of learning for any user who is first learning a different language. Therefore, the validity of the system is unquestionable and the effectiveness of the learning is profound. The other means of learning through this platform is based on the good sense of grammar and understanding which is translated from one language to the other by the means of translation. The only requirement for the learner using the platform is good cognitive skills and thus the learning method is independent of any other factor that might influence the quality of the learning. Therefore, learning by platform is free of any external influence and the knowledge gaps of the tutor that might affect the learning.

However, as the language learning in Duolingo is based on the human interaction which is the main requirement of the language learning thus the main purpose behind is to provide the learner with the necessary skills that are required for the learner to carry out a conversation with a native speaker of the foreign language. The good understanding of the grammar and the meaning of the useful phrases in the foreign language can be learned by the platform and the ability to communicate successfully with a speaker of the newly learned language can be instilled in the learner by the platform.

Despite of some drawbacks there are also several drawbacks of this platform as well. For instance, learning of a new language by Duolingo is prominent and often debilitating for the learner and defeat the purpose of the language learning. The ability to express ones’

thoughts in another language is not the only purpose of the language learning but the understanding of the speaker of that language or the written communication is also one of the main purposes of the language learning. This cannot be successfully done by the Duolingo as the language learned by the platform is often flat and without any regional inflection that might change the meaning of certain phrases are liable to be misunderstood which can be avoided while the learning with the help of a tutor who will often influence the learner with his own accent and inflections.


Although the platform is a tool that is perfectly capable of helping in the basic learning of a language it is no substitute of learning by exposure as the nonverbal cues like body language delivery of the words and the expressions of the person often help in the learning the meaning and the usage of certain phrases or words as much as the meaning of the word. Therefore, learning by exposure has a definite plus against the platform that cannot replicate human interaction convincingly enough to help in the learning process. The human interaction is the best teacher that the tutor of the platform cannot replicate and will always fall short in some way. Therefore, learning can be assisted and helped by platform but it alone is not enough help fully grasp a new language, #EID100.



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