Module 6:Innovation Hubs(Communitech)

Innovation is an important part of any industry as the use of new technology and processes foster growth in not only the organizations and the employees but also raises the overall performance level of the organization (Gorman, 2007). The innovation can take many forms and some organizations are known to have more successful innovations than others. This blog is based on such an organization that is Communitech based in Canada. The machinery and the business development company fosters innovation at an astounding rate and the company has taken some serious steps to keep it that way this can be copied at other locations to improve innovation potential.

The organization Communitech is famous for its innovation in the organizational sector as it helps the start-up companies to set up and improve organizational processes. The overall basic structure that helps the company do its work to the fullest capacity is collaboration that can be easily replicated if the people involved are willing enough. The company helps other companies to grow and progress. This is based on collaborative effort where both parties have stake and the balance of the process hangs in the threads as the Communitech provides resources to implement the process.

Social networking among professionals is also one of the other reasons for the company to have its effect in every developing business. Their sponsorship programs focus on potential investors with their different projects. There is also some of the speakers who are invited to give insight into the new ideas in business growth management and the events like this are often sponsored by the organization. These events connect the investors and the start-up businessmen. The speakers who are invited are the source of the innovation process employed by the company in many settings. They gain new ideas from these active minds and the employees of the company work hard to match the client’s company and situation (Randall, 2005).

invvintion hub.png

Communitech can be regarded as one of the famous innovation hubs because its ideas of innovation are much successful and they carefully analyse the situation at the client’s company before implementing the idea that seems to best fit the purposes of the company. The work environment of the company is based on the creativity so the company people who are the brains behind the operations are often seen working more casually while the people who transact with the clients are the epitome of professionalism. These distinctions the management gives to the employees foster new ideas and the growth of innovation. There is also a point where the employee input is valued by the superiors and even if the idea is not a good one the independent thought of the employee is encouraged by the management (Abramson and Littman, 2002).

The Communitech hub that is called as “home” by the company is more than 50,000 + square feet and is dedicated to the world leading innovation and collaboration. It also serves as a place where the guests come and see new opportunities for their career. The Hub also keeps on working after the working hours as well. The key players that are focused by this hub includes institutions, government agencies, accelerators and tech incubators that create such an environment which is indeed boundless #EID100.


The company also taps into the innovative young minds by holding different contests and sponsorship programs that are a part of the talent attraction process of the company. The people with innovative ideas are given incentive by their freedom or lack of corporate trappings in the organization.


From the blog, we can see various factors of the innovation fostering environment of the organization and their reason of success behind it. If this environment is applied elsewhere there is no reason why it should not succeed. Therefore, the innovation potential of any place can be raised by the improvements chalked out by the blog.


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Gorman, T. (2007). Innovation. Avon, MA: Adams Media.

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